Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Welcome to, a blog about training, teaching, and exploring aikido.

Why "Yonkyo?" Yonkyo - literally "fourth technique," is one of the basic aikido techniques created by O Sensei. As a beginner, yonkyo can be frightening, for it is painful (but doesn't injure). Over time, though, a student learns to tolerate the initial discomfort of yonkyo, and soon learns that the pain it causes is not a substitute for a properly applied technique.

When you try to apply yonkyo to a very senior student, the pain points that worked so well on another beginner suddenly have no effect at all! You realize that you have so much more to learn about this technique. Even after years of practice, one's experience of yonkyo continues to evolve, both as nage and as uke.

I hope that this blog will chronicle the evolution of my own growth in aikido, in teaching, in running a dojo, and in forming and nurturing a community.

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