Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aikido in the Schools and the Decatur Rec

I have already started a series of classes to introduce aikido into Decatur Schools. On April 1 I led a session for a group of special needs children at Winnona Park Elementary. What a great group! The room was hopping with kids training together, leading each other around, and laughing. I think their favorite exercise was pretending to be a drop of water on someone else's arm, and maintaining their connection as their partner moved all around the room.

I am contracting with Decatur Rec. to offer classes via the summer Playbook. Classes will be held in the dojo, but the Rec. Dept. will be the organizer for a four-week series of Tuesday sessions for both kids and adults in June.

And now it looks like I will be leading a four-week after-school enrichment series at Glennwood School for the Whiz Kids program, starting after the Spring Break. Stay tuned for details.

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